Want to drink less and feel better in 2021?

The first CAMBRIDGE ALCOHOL EXPERIMENT is now underway! Sign up here to join the waitlist for the next group, where you will join us for a 30 day break from alcohol and learn how to easily take it or leave it!


The present is all we have - so why not make it THE BEST it can possibly be?

If you feel like you are holding yourself back somehow, try removing alcohol to see what happens...

Feel in control and find joy, peace and freedom!




Come and get to know us...


Avid breastfeeding mummy to three, passionate entrepreneur, formidable yogi warrior and Certified This Naked Mind Coach and Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach...meet the founder of Pump Up The Present and hear her story.



For those who are curious, concerned about their alcohol intake, or simply up for a challenge, read more about our coaching packages and embark on your alcohol-free adventure!



Before you decide to invest in your future, try out some of our ideas, tools and tactics.  Get to know us and we hope that you'll love what we do so much, that when the time is right for you, you'll come join us. 


Personal 1:1 Coaching

We offer 1:1 coaching packages to help you to find the power within to make the changes you are looking for in your life.

This is all about inflating the present to be much bigger than your past or the future.  When you ruminate in the past or dwell in anxiety over the future, you miss out on what life has to offer. 

You have to get grounded in the present to discover who you are and what you really want. 



Stop erasing yourself and start living deliberately

It feels intense because this will be your biggest personal growth journey.  This is the one thing you have been looking for to improve your life and find your true purpose.  

You will never regret believing in yourself.

Ready to start your adventure?

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"Wow! I’m shocked. You just hit the nail on the head in a couple hours, that over a year of therapy didn’t even uncover!"

Alexandra L
Maryland, USA

"Thank you for opening my mind and showing me what my life really could be! It’s an exciting chapter in my life!"

Sally T
Suffolk, UK

"Thanks for today – it made me feel so much better about my journey and it's something that I really needed right now! You are an outstanding coach – you listen and make me feel comfortable. You made great connections today and came up with things that I didn't expect. I felt great about the turnaround and it was something that I hadn't noticed before. A blind spot. You also made things funny and it always feels good to laugh when you are talking about vulnerable things. Your other clients will LOVE you for this. You are an AMAZING coach! Thanks again!"

Brian M
Colorado, USA

"Wow wow wow Ellie! I adore you! thank you for listening to my story today. You are so incredible at what you do! True heart and intuition guide you and the feeling on the other side is incredible!"

Onowa B
Arizona, USA

"Things have started to change for me. I am excited for our 1:1 calls and look forward to sharing the progress I’ve made, because you understand me and you get it having walked the path yourself. It is one thing having awareness, but coaching has helped me to know what to do with it and what direction to take. You give me an invaluable reference point."

Julie M
Glasgow, UK

"Ellie! You were so helpful on our call today, as always! You are so good at making me feel completely comfortable opening up and you’re so good at listening and making me feel heard. It’s such a good feeling to have someone I feel like I can share anything with and I won’t be judged. Thank you for the guidance and the support! What a blessing you are to me!"

Meade S
Georgia, USA

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