I’m a passionate and driven entrepreneur, breastfeeding mum and yogi.  I spent too many years erasing myself under the guise of relaxation, until I found a wild and incredible life being alcohol-free.  I want to share this experience with you, so that you can avoid wasting any time and get on with living joyfully and wholeheartedly, inspired to discover and pursue your true potential.


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It hurt to not feel like I was really living.  I was existing.  Surviving.  All the time feeling like I was squandering those precious years when the kids are little.  With three kids 5 and under and a business to run, I was stressed out and struggling to cope.  Throw in some hormonal challenges and life was volatile.  And I felt volatile.  I didn’t recognise myself anymore.  I’d lost the person I thought I was, and bit by bit I was erasing myself.

I didn’t know what to do.  I’d tried therapy and medication, yoga and meditation.  Some progress but something still not right.


After a trip to Vegas and a week or so to dry out afterwards, I realised that the only thing I hadn’t tried was removing alcohol.  Taking a break.  Moderating never seemed to work but cutting it out completely seemed impossible.  How was I going to do that?  Instead of using willpower and depriving myself for Dry January, I took a different approach.  I learnt the science behind alcohol, I examined the beliefs I had about drinking, and I took a break for 30 days to see what happened.


My life transformed in those 30 days – things that I never thought possible happened.  I discovered truths that were right there all the time, but I simply couldn’t see.  It blew my mind.  In the months that followed, I found the inconceivable in an alcohol-free (AF) life.  True joy, clarity, power, strength, resilience, connection, peace and harmony in my life.  And the adventure has only just begun.  Now I get to take you with me.  Read my full story here.

I love how Brooke Castillo says:

“In order to have your mind blown, you have to be willing to blow up your current identity."

Are you ready?


"Things have started to change for me.  I am excited for our 1:1 calls and look forward to sharing the progress I’ve made, because you understand me and you get it having walked the path yourself.  It is one thing having awareness, but coaching has helped me to know what to do with it and what direction to take.  You give me an invaluable reference point."

Julie M - Glasgow, UK

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