Are you curious to find out just how much alcohol could be holding you back?

How would it feel to be fully in control and be able to take it or leave it?

What might be possible for you if alcohol could truly be small and irrelevant in your life?


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Is your night-time glass of Gavi stealing you away from bedtime stories?


I often thought to myself that there must be more to life than this…worn out and depleted from working and parenting, trying desperately to absorb everything I could with my kiddies whilst they were tiny, yet irritated because I needed to tuck them up to get my glass of relaxation to take the edge off the day and make me feel better about my personal and professional stagnation.

I knew I wanted to take a break from alcohol, but there never seemed to be the right time – too much stress in the day, something to celebrate, a special event coming up…there was always a reason to not do it.

And then I read about why moderating was so tricky.  I learnt a little bit of the science and I was hooked.  I felt rebellious and I felt curious.  It was an invitation to an adventure, and I was ready to buckle up for the ride.

What I didn’t know at the time was just how liberating it was going to be! 


Are you ready to stop erasing yourself and take control?

  • Say goodbye to the volatility and anxiety
  • Find freedom, peace and happiness
  • Feel powerful, sharper and smarter
  • Unleash your potential and create the life you want

All you need to do is choose your adventure:

Experiment & Elevate

4 month program

Starts with a 30 day break from alcohol

1hr 1:1 coaching sessions (total of 16)

Dare to Dream

6 month program

Starts with learning and the break from alcohol comes later

1hr 1:1 coaching sessions (total of 24)



As a CERTIFIED THIS NAKED MIND COACH, I have been trained personally by Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, The Alcohol Experiment and her latest book, This Naked Life.

Working directly with Annie has been a privilege and an honour.  Using her science-based and grace-led approach to understanding alcohol, how it works and affects us, I have dedicated my time and focus to becoming fluent in the revolutionary This Naked Mind Institute (TNMI) methodology.

Following rigorous training and having undergone certification in this innovative curriculum from TNMI, I am privileged to offer my own customised coaching programs, using their freedom-based and compassion first method.  Successfully working through my programs will inform you, empower you, and give you the ability to transform your life.  You will not feel that you are missing out or depriving yourself.  You will feel in control, happy and free to take it or leave it.  Alcohol will truly become small and irrelevant in your life, leaving you the space to fill your life with wonder, joy and new challenge in order to fulfil your potential.

Certified This Naked Mind Coach

Tracy P - Cambridge, UK

"It has been an amazing experience.  Doing the 30 day alcohol challenge and taking a break from the daily wine ritual has given me the knowledge, and allowed me the space and clarity to make real, positive changes in my life - and tackle some of the false beliefs I had.  My goal at the start was to break the habit - something that I’ve done.  It’s the start of my journey and Ellie has been with me every step of the way!  Thank you for your support and guidance - you and the experience have been brilliant."

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